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Blaine Anderson | 17 | Human

Magic Anon: None

[RP account for Search & Destroy]
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Secret Satan

Why Lucifer was doing this, he would never know. He was eternally convinced that this town was bad for him. What other reason could he possibly have for standing outside the Anderson residence with two packages for the youngest siblings?

In one rested a simple black dog collar. Perhaps it was cruel, but Lucifer was amused by the idea of marking his property. The little silver plaque on the collar (yes, silver, it never had to touch the skin if the wolf was careful) very clearly marked the owner as Lucifer’s. Though.. that was only if one read Enochian.

The slightly larger box was for his ‘son,’ Father help him. Why on earth he found something for Blaine, he would never understand. Save that one day of confusion, he couldn’t recall a time where he and the young demon had ever gotten along.

If Blaine decided to open the gift (which might be a challenge seeing as Lucifer wove strands of iron into the ribbon, whoops), he would find a little demon supply kit that the kid might not have had before. There was a bowl to use for demonic contacts, a jar of blood for his first call, a dagger inlaid with onyx at handle to match the demon’s eyes, and scroll of parchment. The parchment had a symbol on it, one Blaine might not have known before, but one he would connect with immediately. It was his summoning symbol, a number of curves and lines that would call his demonic ass whenever it wad drawn in a summoning.

On both there were little cards with nothing but the Enochian of his name written in what seemed like pure gold ink, and nothing more than that. He snapped his fingers and both gifts vanished, appearing quietly on the beds of both boys for them to find.